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Phono Stage

Vincent - Audio Detail - Ming Da - Hanss

A turntable pre-amplifier (also known as a phono stage) is a device that takes the low signal output from a turntable and matches it to a level comparable to other hi-fi devices (such as CD players, tuners etc.) - known as a "line level" signal, allowing it to be connected to an amplifier via a standard line input. We stock a specially selected range of turntable pre amplifiers that we import exclusively and have available for both demonstration and home loan from Vincent - Audio Detail & Ming Da, so you are sure to find exactly something to match your requirements and budget with unbeatable value. If you need any further information on which pre-amplifier is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. Give us a ring on 01623844478 for professional and impartial advice.

Below you will see The Range of Award winning Phono stages we are proud to supply and are available for demo and home loan Vincent is imported exclusively From Germany by Vinyl Passion and we believe they offer you the finest value available at any price with superb build quality & a 5 year warranty
Vincent PHO-200 £159 MM/MC
With Optional power supply Upgrade  +£40
Vincent PHO-200

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz +/-max. 0,5dB

  • Input Sensitivity MM: 58 mV, MC: 6,8 mV

  • Signar-Noise ratio: MM: >84 dB, MC: >71dB

  • Input Impedance MM: 47 kOhm, MC: 100 Ohm

  • Amplification factor: MM: 40 dB, MC: 100 dB

  • Colour: Black/silver

  • Weight: 1 kg

  • Dimensions: 115x55x130 mm

  • Power Supply: 12 V DC, 200 mA

Vincent PHO-300 £299 MM/MC

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 10 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB,

  • Harmonic distortion: < 0.05 % (20 Hz - 20 kHz),

  • Input sensitivity MM: 58 mV, MC: 6.8 mV,

  • Signal-noise ratio MM: > 83 dB, MC: > 70 dB,

  • Input impedance MM: 47 kOhm, MC: 100 Ohm,

  • Output impedance: 250 Ohm,

  • Output voltage: 8 V,

  • Amplification MM: 40 dB, MC: 60 dB,

  • Current consumption: 10 W,

  • Colour: Black/silver,

  • Weight: 1.5 kg (power unit), 1.2 kg (phono preamplifier),

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 115 x 60 x 137 mm


Vincent Flagship PHO-701 USB
MM/MC Valve Phono Stage £749.00p
Vincent PHO-700, Vinyl Passion,Vincent Audio, Vincent Phono stage, Vincent PHO 700 UK Dealer

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz, Harmonic distortion: 0.05 % (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

  • Input sensitivity: MM: 58 mV, MC: 6.8 mV

  • Signal-noise ratio: MM: > 81 dB, MC: > 69 dB

  • Input impedance: MM: 47 kOhm, MC: 100 Ohm

  • Output impedance: 250 Ohm, Amplification factor: MM: 40 dB, MC: 60 dB

  • Power consumption: 15 Watt

  • Colour: Black/Silver, Weight: 1.5 kg (power unit), 1.2 kg (phono preamplifier)

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 130 x 82 x 225 mm

The PHO-701s basic function is to provide a low-noise and loss-free transmission to the amplifier with accurate passive RIAA EQ. The PHO-701 complex additional power supply is a refined version of the supply already used in the award-winning PHO-8. We have deliberately omitted an AC adapter and specially designed and developed this power supply. It is connected using a 9-pin DIN cable to the phono section. The voltage is again specially prepared in the power supply so that ripple and hum of the electricity network play no role and the phono section is supplied with "clean power". The PHO-701 presents itself in the same dimensions as the power supply. The window which gives a view of the artactive12AU7 tube that can be easily and economically upgraded if required this is used as a dual triode, which takes direct influence on the sound giving a warmth and emotion that once experienced is hard to live without. High-quality components (e.g. from Nichicon or Wima) improve the parameters of noise ratio and amplification again. Of course, the PHO-701 is switchable via a switch on the rear panel for MM and MC cartridges and offers unmatched value in its class we advise if this is in or below your budget you give it serious consideration.

Audio Detail

Audio Detail NV-06.. Are you ready for somthing really Speacial ? On Dem Now




Moving Magnet 2.0-5.0 mV into 47K and 200 pf( can be specified at the time of order to suit your cartridge),

Moving coil:  0.2-0.5 mV into 100 Ohms

Output: nominal 500mV into 50K at full gain.

Power consumption approximately 12 watts

Mains input: 230VAC on IEC connector


Retail Price £899 (mm) Including Vat

Retail Price £1299 (mc) Including Vat

The new all new Nuvistor phono stage from Audio Detail, is a 6 Nuvistor design aimed at the user who loves the valve phono stage sound, but wishes for something slightly different, compact and offering a lower noise threshold, but with a fast and lively sound. Built by hand in Great Malvern, UK,  the NV06 is all point to point wiring with the components mounted on a plated copper substrate.

We use paper in oil(PIO) and silver mica capacitors in the 2 stage passive filters.. With high quality German Audyn capacitors in the output.

What is a Nuvistor?  Nuvistors were designed in the late 1950's with the aim of combating  the rise of transistors within electronics..They are particularly good at VHF frequencies and are as small as possible(smaller than a thimble).. This means they are a lower noise valve, running at a lower voltage with lower internal capacitance than conventional valves.. This all results in a clean and detailed sound, therefore extracting so much more from your vinyl!

Every NV-06 has an external linear power supply, connected by over a metre of  cable to minimise any potential PSU hum and magnetic affects..


We offer 2 versions, one for moving magnet (NV-06M) and one for moving coil (NV-06C)cartridges.

There is a Mono/Stereo button and gain control along with a standby switch on the front panel. The power supply houses the mains power on/off switch.

We can provide as an option separate inputs for those who wish to have both types of cartridge available for use.


The NV-06 is available with black or silver front panels

The Gold Note PH 10
This phono stage is fast becoming a legend with good reason... book a dem today £1700 optional psu £1200
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