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Neil Jackson 

Made in the heart of Sherwood forest 

Neil began his working life as a musician and spent his formative years playing bass guitar both in the UK and aboard some of the world's most luxurious cruise liners.


A keen woodworker, a turning point came when he made the inevitable decision to make his own musical instrument. He enjoyed the experience so much that he went on to hone his skills by training formally as a cabinet maker.

Since then Neil set up his company which he runs with his wife Helen and has gone on to make and sell furniture, jewellery and keepsake boxes, and other fine hand-crafted items.


Neil is thrilled that his musical background and love of woodworking have come together and is proud to be associated the Vinyl Passion and the Missing Link.

Neil lives in the heart of Sherwood Forest with his wife, young daughter and a slightly crazy border-collie called Oscar and takes his inspiration from the natural beauty the forest has to offer.

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We Say...

At Vinyl passion we pride ourselves on unmatched quality and fine attention to detail.. we employ many local companies and craftsmen in the production of our products, each one a specialist in their given area with a passion to match our own, it took several years and many failed attempts before we found the right person to create the standard of plinth we felt was in keeping the quality of our turntables..

Building a plinth is far more than just craftsmanship below the beauty of the finish is a fine piece of highly accurate engineering that has to be perfectly square and flat, as this is the foundation on which the turntable is built…

Also great attention needs to be paid in the selection of the material as it needs to remain in square over time, ethical practice in sourcing is also at the top of the list when dealing with rare & exotic woods,

For this reason we use a supplier famous for supplying Carlos Santana and many other music professionals with fine instrument grade woods..


Many of the companies & craftsmen we originally tried either made wonderful looking plinths that were simply not accurate enough or accurate plinths that lacked the standard of finish and level of care we demanded, after placing yet another add for a Craftsman & finaly after 7 years of seraching and many disapointments Neil approached us...  Even after our first meeting watching the light in his eye’s when he spoke about working with wood gave a feeling we were in for a long relationship and i was not going to be disapointed yet again,

I have seen this look a few times from other specialists and its something I instantly recognise.. and as you will see on this page I have dedicated to Neil his work will not disappoint..

although we have contracted Neil to make plinths solely for Vinyl Passion.. Neil has a very understated approach and his workmanship is as stunningly beautiful as it is accurate a rare combination indeed…

We feel very proud of Neil’s Work and very lucky to have met him.. Enjoy !

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