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Hi Fi Forsale
A great place to find a bargain or sell your old equipment, Britain’s biggest specialist used HiFi and AV web site, free for priv
ate individuals to advertise on. Great fortnightly newsletter.
Malvern Audio Research

The brainchild of my long-standing friend Mark White. He both designs and produces the Audio Detail range of products that we stock and sell to our customers. Mark is also the official UK importer/distributor for the superb range of Ming Da equipment. We are also proud to represent Mark, not only a gentleman and an avid music lover but also a gifted engineer who is happy to carry out skilled custom work. He also repairs and modifies a wide range of audio equipment.

Vinyl Passion & Missing Link Approved Dealers
Cycles Music Guangdong China, Vinyl Passion & Missing Link official dealer

An Approved Vinyl Passion and Missing Link outlet in Guangdong, China. Zhen Jin has a passion and knowledge to match our own. If you require our products in China you will receive first class service and excellent advice.


An Approved Vinyl Passion outlet long time friends and Linn Experts with a service second to none  any information on genuine Linn products this is the place to contact

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