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Upgrade your LP-12 in easy steps all the way to the full VP-12


We design and manufacture every component for your LP-12 from the finest materials available to the very highest standards.

All our upgrades can be fitted at our premises or one of our approved Vinyl Passion retailers or supplied as a kit for DIY or to your local Linn specialist.


For DIY, you will find a select range of our products in our eBay store, please see the link at the top of the page, all products can be orderd direct.

Alternatively you can buy a new VP-12 from our turntable section or we can supply a secondhand donor LP-12 and build the VP-12 of your dreams with great savings.

VP-LP12 Precision Motor

New Revolution Motor for the LP-12 VP-12

New exciting product for your LP-12  This motor offers a small but worthwhile improvement in performance at an affordable price £195

This motor has 3 main advantages over the standard LP-12 Motor

1 high precision ground pulley less the 20 microns of runout

2 pulley is directly freez fitted to motor shaft to ensure extreme accuracy

3 Precision machined nylon 66 thrush cap...

This motor offer unmatched precision for your LP-12 VP-12 Turntable

this will work in all countries with Valhalla Hercules Lingo 1/2/3 or Vinyl Passion Revolution

with basik wave or Magic or armageddon this will only work in countries with 50hz mains frequency

Revolution 2 speed power

New 2 Speed Revolution Power Supply for the LP-12 VP-12

Launch Date Second half Novembre 2019

LInn LP-12 Revolution power supply

Now in Stock

The new 2 speed Revolution power supply for the LP-12 Unsatisfied with the performance of other internal power supplies on the market like the hercules that is simply a direct copy of the valhalla with second oscillator added that was designed in 1982 37 years ago power supplies based on this design have distorted output and bad phase balance.

I have also worked with maxton on the latest DC motors i was convinced that the amount of noise and vibration created by the very best DC motors that the 24 pole AC Motor could still be superior just listen to any dc powered turntable closely with your ear you will hear it and this is no good.. when the original 24 pole motor was driven by the correct supply that had a good phase voltage balance and a true low distortion sinusoidal wave form plus the ability to program the supply to reduce running voltage once the platter was up to speed eliminating motor vibration and noise an greatly reducing RFI & EMI at the same time.. the same as the idea incorporated in a a lingo 3 but with the latest in microprocessor controlled electronics a more accurate less distorted wave form could be produced than ever before and i also know that this could be achieved at a reasonable cost, at the same time as out performing other supplies this video shows our very first prototype out performing our expectations on the bench and in the listening room.... we hope to have 100 units ready for market for autumn this year it will be on display at the cranage hall hi fi show so you can hear just how good this is... with a stethoscope on the top plate while running it is totally silent  when at running voltage something we have never encountered before very exciting times for LP-12 users without the expense..  The retail price will be £395 although we may do an introductory limited offer and we will be offering generous trade in prices on the old Hercules valhalla and linn majik power supplies.... more news on this exciting product as we Progress and the listening tests were outstanding & the finished version will be even better trade enquiries will be welcome on launch

Revolutionary New product for your LP-12 Now in stock that offers a huge improvement in performance at an affordable price The Vinyl Passion microprocessor controlled 2 speed power supply launch price £349 £50 px on Valhalla  Power supplies £100 px on Hercules power supplies £150 px on Mose power supplies & £130 px on Linn Magik
& £200 against Lingo one Power supplies. trade inquiries welcome this project has taken 3 years and development with the latest technology to produce the finest supply possible 
VP-1 Armboard Upgrade For Your LP-12

.VP-1 Carbon Acrylic arm board available for Linn Rega & SME £69 Naim Aro £95

Unity Aerospace Subchassis

VP Unity-1 Subchassis only + VP bearing clamp Ideal for existing VP-1 armboard owners £399

Vinyl Passion - Unity Subchasiss Only

The standard LP-12 chassis is often distorted making perfect alignment impossible. The unusual shape of the Unity has been designed using computer finite element modelling techniques

The VP Unity has main bearing and arm-board seats milled to be exactingly flat guaranteeing perfect alignment of the stylus to the record groove.

The unique shape, with its non uniform cross section and carefully sculpted curves ensures a totally stiff structure that eliminates all ringing

Vinyl Passion - Unity One Subchasiss

VP- Unity-One Kit includes Subchassis + VP Blue Springs &  VP bearing clamp with precision torque fitted  VP-1 Carbon Acrylic Armboard Linn/Rega/SME £489

Naim Aro £515

Vinyl Passion - Unity Two Subchasiss

VP- Unity-Two kit includes  Subchassis +  VP Blue Springs & VP bearing clamp with precision  torque fitted  CNC Alloy Armboard Linn/Rega/SME  £609 

Naim Aro £633

Kit includes all new Stainless fasteners including corner bolt fixing and is pre formed for a perfect fit

This can also be fitted at our premises or one of our approved fitting centres or supplied to your local specialist

Brushed Stainless £149 inclusive of UK post

Silk Black £169 inclusive of UK post

The Orpheus Upgrade kit
Top Plate

The Orpheus Top Plate can be futher upgraded as it is designed to work in unity with the Apollo energy Drain and also the Foundation Baseboard and both are pre machined so this can be purchased at the same time or fitted at a later date

There are several aftermarket LP-12 Top plates available milled from Aluminium and whilst these are superior to the A2 stainless steel top plate, the material is considerably softer and still only 1.5mm thick at the point where the top plate joins the plinth.

After several experiments with different materials and, due to the constraints of the LP-12 plinth dimensions, we have found the best solution is to use a harder grade of Stainless Steel in 2mm thickness.

This is 100% stronger than the standard A2 1.5mm plate and gives a much stronger bond to the plinth than is possible with alloys.

The resultant Orpheus top plate is more difficult to excite at audio frequencies than other alternatives and provides a much improved structure from which to suspend the sub chassis assembly and can be futher improved with the addition of the Apollo and Foundation Baseboard making and unbeatable combination





Vinyl Passion Master Crasftsman Plinth
Beauty & Performance for your LP-12 From £400 for our standard Light Oak, Black Oak or Walnut finish as pictured, also Our Autumn Fire Range of Custom VP-Reference plinths are available in a wide range of exotic woods from £600. Pictured below is a unique Olive wood reference plinth made from 200 year old stock bringing a rare beauty to match the sonic performance of your turntable to be enjoyed for a lifetime
Vinyl Passion custom linn lp-12  plinth Autumn Fire
Orpheus Top Plate Brushed Stainless
Orpheus Top Plate Silk Black
Vinyl Passion Master Craftsman Plinths

We are pleased to announce our own range of affordable Quality Vinyl Passion Master Craftsman Plinths for the Linn LP-12 & VP-12
It has taken several years to find a craftsman who can work to the exacting tolerance and finish we require
All of our exquisite plinths are made from ethically sourced well seasoned stable hard woods picked specifically for their grain.
Our new range of Master Craftsman LP-12 Plinths are available from stock in Black Ebony polished Oak - Light Oak - Walnut & Cherry at our standard price of £400 .. 
We can also obtain many special woods and finishes to special order please contact for a quote... 
We offer a full rebuild and fitting service at our premises or we are happy to supply direct or to your local specialist Linn dealer
The Vinyl Passion Master Craftsman plinths are a hand made work of art that will make your turntable look as good as it sounds and when matched with one of our Vinyl Passion Orpheus top plates will give your LP-12 that brand new look as well as an improved performance..

Vinyl Passion Plinth Refurbishment
Restore the Beauty & Performance for your old LP-12 plinth From £120 if you are looking to restore the looks of you existing plinth we can change the colour or bring back the original finish and also upgrade your plinth to latest spec
Linn LP-12 Plinth Vinyl Passion
Linn LP-12 Plinth Refurbish by Vinyl Passin,Vinyl Passion
Linn LP-12 Upgrade Vinyl Passion
Linn LP-12 Vinyl Passion Upgrade
VP 10mm Foundation Acrylic baseboard
with solid brass adjustable feet £165

With Solid Brass feet and receiver cups, energy is effectively drained from the LP-12 .

This simple upgrade yield huge improvements over any of the original design of LP-12  baseboard's..


The Foundation is designed to work in unity with the Apollo energy Drain and also the Orpheus top plate and both are pre machined so this can be purchased at the same time or fitted at a later date


The Apollo Exploits the Design of the Unity Sub chassis by giving the top plate better support and drains unwanted energy created by the motor into the high mass ultra stiff foundation base board this is then dissipated harmlessly through the solid brass feet with the benefit of reducing vibration in the top plate making a much more stable platform from which to suspend the sub chassis with each part working harmoniously bringing true Unity to this design to get the very best results giving you a more coherent picture of the original recording

Your LP-12 will take a quantum leap forward as soon as it is properly fastened to a stiff non resonant base.

Linn LP 12 Upgrade By Vinyl Passion

Apollo prevents sag in the top plate adjacent to the arm board but also acts as an "energy drain" by transferring deleterious vibrations in to the Foundation baseplate where they are converted to heat energy.

Music is more focussed, impulse response is much improved and the sound is the most realistic reproduction we have ever heard from and LP-12 type turntable.

Apollo Bringing it all Together £95
Please Note to use Use the Apollo you will need The Unity Sub-Chassis Orpheus top plate & Foundation Baseboard
Vinyl Passion Turntable Plattermat Upgrade

High-quality Black Vinyl Passion Carbon Acrylic 3mm platter mat... 

We have managed to keep the thickness down to only 3mm while maintaining the perfect performance and resonance control by using a special type of Acrylic

This has the following benefits for your turntable

The Vinyl Passion Mat will replace most standard platter mats without the need to alter the tonearm VTA or suspension balance due to the weight being only 230 grams unlike like some of the thicker alternatives on the market this will; also give a superior impedance match to your vinyl giving a better overall sound and improved dynamics. Polymer platter mats are advised by Vinyl Passion to be used in conjunction with our range of record care products and turntable upgrades due to the fact Polymer mats do not hold dust or debris as is often the case with other mat types that can contaminate your cherished vinyl.


Vinyl Passion Platter Mat
Suitable for All Turntables in Black £35
Also Available in Purple Green Blue White yellow & Pink £35
Custom Linn LP-12 By Vinyl Passion UK
Linn LP-12 Upgraded x brace by Vinyl Passion UK

Latest specification high quality LP-12 Cross Brace & PSU mounting hardware full Kit

Manufactured by Vinyl Passion in the UK from extremely stiff High Carbon steel

Comes with 6 new nylon clips 4 stainless steel wood screws to prevent reaction with hard woods 2 stainless fixing washers & 2 new stainless nylock nuts

Cable tie also for fastening mains cable.. everything you need to fit to your LP-12

 This also has free UK recorded delivery included in the price...

Used for mounting Valhalla / Lingo / Hercules/ Vinyl passion Revolution & no doubt many other power supplies inside the LP-12 turntable...

VP-12 Carbon Steel X Brace £30
VP-12 Krown Stainless Steel Patter £395 - £495 in silk black  £100 part exchange on your old platter
Linn LP-12 Krown Platter
Made to exacting standards the Krown Platter is the result of 5 years of research. At its heart, it is designed to be inert at audio frequency hence it will not ring like a bell. it is a 2 part design precision engineered from extremely Hard 316 Stainless steel to reduce energy absorption from the stylus tip and a specialised High-density alloy to move more mass to the outer edge thus reducing cogging motion and improving flywheel effect of the platter. Each platter weighs 2600 grams  + - 1%. The package includes a Vinyl Passion carbon acrylic platter mat and is also available in Epoxy baked Satin Black £595. We offer a £100 part exchange on your old LP-12 platter that is made from  Zamak alloy making this upgrade even more affordable....
Krown Platter
VP-12 Blue Spring Set £55

The Vinyl Passion Blue Spring Kit for your LP-12 Turntable with anti harmonic coating

Available for DIY fitting for those confident with the LP-12 

We are also happy to fit at our premises or supply direct to your Linn Specialist

Developed for use with our Award winning Unity range of LP-12 Upgrades complete with the new genuine Linn grommets to latest specification...

A Simple Cost Effective upgrade for your LP-12 From a brand you can trust....


Blue Springs
Linn LP-12 Spring Upgrade by Vinyl Passion UK
Wave Universal Power Supply.... £55

The Vinyl Passion Wave Universal Power supply  Thorens TD 125/150/160/166 - Linn all ac motor models LP-12 / Basic / Axis  - System deck - Logic DM 101 - Ariston RD 11 -  CJ Walker  & Many more.. If unsure just ask

Complete with easy to fit instructions... A nice upgrade for Thorens turntables + many more

A cost effective quality supply safely fused  This power supply will suit a wide range of turntables.. but especially designed as a quality affordable supply for Thorens & Linn…

The Wave power supply can be configured to run a wide range synchronous motors fitted to most high quality belt drive turntables built between 1960 to present that operate between 70 v to  110 v AC and can run  12 pole / 16 pole & 24 pole motors from mains supply 240v / 230v / 230v / 220v 120v or 110V mains supply's including many of the Thorens turntables System deck Linn Logic and many more… 

Wave Supply
wave mk-II.jpg

This power supply is made from very high quality components giving a perfect waveform output utilising a military specification gold plated circuit board it is easy to fit with secure screw edge connectors for 1 mains input... 2 motor output... and 3 the power switch.. it is supplied with 4x scotch 3m mounting pads simply peal the backs off and fit it inside your turntable in a convenient location.. This supply unlike many of the turntables made from the 1960’s to present is also safely fused.. For most turntables the existing switch can be attached to the wave power supply preserving the original looks of your turntable… for those requiring a switch we sell a switch kit separately to suit.. We are also happy to fit this to your turntable at The vinyl Passion music room for a small charge.. This can also be fitted by one of our selected re sellers or supplied to your local dealer for professional fitting if required..

this is a high quality power supply and a very nice upgrade for the Thorens  TD-150 160 etc etc

The Wave supply is configured as standard For 240v input to run with Thorens 16 pole motors example TD 125 TD 150 TD 160 TD 166… 

The Wave can be supplied for both 240v 230v 120v or 110 v input 

In Your Kit you will receive 1x Vinyl Passion Wave power supply 4 x Scotch self adhesive mounting hardware...

Switch kit is an optional extra

The dimensions ensures it is easy to fit..

 Width 50mm

 Length 65mm

 Height 25mm including stand-offs supplied..

We are Happy to fit at our premises for a small fee or supply to your local specialist if you do want the diy option

LP-12 / VP-12 Drive Belt  £38
Belts & service items

The Vinyl Passion LP-12 Iso-Drive precision machined Neoprene drive belt

This is a New Vinyl Passion upgraded Belt for your LP-12 Turntable

 Made to original Linn dimensions from a high quality grade of Neoprene this will transfer less cogging motion from your motor to your platter and give a smoother overall performance

What you see in the pictures is what you will receive 1x Vinyl Passion LP-12 Iso-drive belt

Linn LP-12 Drive belt
Oil Sevice Kit Suitable for all Turntables £14

A Quality bearing service Kit for your LP-12 and all other turntables in 2 versions  1 Black or 2 Red

1 Black Oil...  Linn Black oil should only be used with Linn turntables fitted with the Black bearings with black Peek liners if you are unsure message us with a description of your main bearing liner colour and we will supply the correct oil...


2 Red Oil All other turntables including Linn...

For early Silver and gold  Linn main bearings fitted with white liner please request  our Vinyl Passion Red Oil


In your Kit

1x Medical grade syringe fitted with tube to flush your bearing

1x 5ml bearing flush solution this will not react with plastics or polymers

1x medical grade swab to clean inside your bearing housing this will not leave any deposits

 ( you should never use cotton buds they leave deposits )

1x 5ml bottle of either Linn Black Oil or Vinyl Passion Red oil suitable for all turntables


Method after removing your inner platter use 1.5ml of bearing flush and allow 5 minuets for the flush to de solve any stubborn deposits 

use syringe to drain the bearing and then clean the bearing inside with your medical swab

now flush the syringe with clean flush when clean draw 1.2ml of oil for All Linn bearings Except Cirkus the Cirkus requires 1.3ml

All other turntables fill as per manufactures recommendation...

Each bottle of oil contains enough to change your oil 3 times for the LP-12

Linn LP-12 Oil Service, Turntable Oil
Full Service & setup including oil & belt £99
Building a VP-12
A Short Vidio showing Mark Build a Full Bespoke VP-12 Turntable with some v nice music
Please note there are still many more items for this page we will be adding if you dont see what you need contact us we can supply all parts for your LP-12 VP-12 and many other turntables also checkout our e bay store you will find a link at the top of the page
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