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Quad Loudspeakers UK
The Quad Range of Loudspeakers have gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years now being so comprehensive in range offering great value v performance we believe they offer one of the finest range of loudspeakers available today, with an enviable pedigree and backup service second to non 
We are very proud to represent Quad and happy to demonstration why in our music room, there is a very good reason they are used by music professionals world wide.
Book a demo today and hear what you have been missing
Quad S- series from £599
Quad S Series offering unmatched Value V Performance more sound for pound than any other make with the legendary Quad Legacy
 Book a dem today and decide for yourself
Quad Z- series from £1199
Quad Z-2 Loudspeaker
Quad Z Series the closest loudspeakers to the ESL offering superb musicality...
we think an outstanding box speaker at any price
Quad ESL- series from £6499
Quad ESL the most accurate loudspeakers in the world...
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 130/4 from Alchris Loudspeakers 
Alchris Loudspeakers are one of those rare designs that will stop you in your tracks the first time you hear them ... the loudspeaker market is a crowded place and i have listened to hundreds of models by many brands over the years...the Alchris Range of Loudspeaker are hand made by Alan Clark with a passion that has to be admired ! we feel truly honoured to be Alchris Audio's first UK retailer.  Each cabinet is hand veneered in a range of finishes (with custom options by arrangement)  - you will be astonished at the sheer musicality ! If you are in the market for a loudspeaker we highly recommend you book an appointment to hear the Loudspeakers - truly a range of some of the finest hand made loudspeakers available today 
Book a demo today and hear what you have been missing... 
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