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The Vinyl Passion Dust buster £21

Stylus cleaner & preserver designed by Vinyl Passion to keep your stylus in perfect condition.Winner of numerous awards.

You Tube Instruction vidio

The Vinyl Passion Dust Buster presents a radical new approach to stylus cleaning. The VP Dust Buster offers the finest protection for your stylus, Increasing its life by up to 1000 hours. This makes it a superb investment which is very easy to use. Our VP Dust Buster will give trouble free service and keep both your stylus and vinyl in pristine condition. All record collectors will know the importance of keeping vinyl clean to preserve the recording but even more important is the cleaning of the stylus. We inspect stylus and cantilever assemblies regularly and over the years the main culprits for premature failure and poor sonic results are often a direct result of improper cleaning & solvent based solutions. The Dust Buster removes the stress and makes it simple to keep your stylus pristine. Thousands of Dust Busters have been sold all over the world, just read the reviews available direct from ourselves and also good accessory retailers and record shops.

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Spin Care Ultra Premium 12" Inner Vinyl Record Poly Lined Sleeves (Pack of 100) £35

We have tried many different inner sleeves over the years especially the half round type that can be very frustrating to handle so why compromise

The Spin Care range are simply the Best on the market regardless of cost if you love your vinyl and want it to stay in pristine condition for a lifetime this is the inner sleeve of choice

Linn LP-12 Oil & bearing service kit suitable for all turntables £12

A Quality bearing service Kit for your LP-12 and all other turntables in 2 versions  1 Black or 2 Red

1 Black Oil...  Linn Black oil should only be used with Linn turntables fitted with the Black bearings with black Peek liners if you are unsure message us with a description of your main bearing liner colour and we will supply the correct oil...


2 Red Oil All other turntables including Linn...

For early Silver and gold  Linn main bearings fitted with white liner please request  our Vinyl Passion Red Oil

In your Kit

1x Medical grade syringe fitted with tube to flush your bearing

1x 5ml bearing flush solution this will not react with plastics or polymers

1x medical grade swab to clean inside your bearing housing this will not leave any deposits

 ( you should never use cotton buds they leave deposits )

1x 5ml bottle of either Linn Black Oil or Vinyl Passion Red oil suitable for all turntables


Method after removing your inner platter use 1.5ml of bearing flush and allow 5 minuets for the flush to de solve any stubborn deposits 

use syringe to drain the bearing and then clean the bearing inside with your medical swab

now flush the syringe with clean flush when clean draw 1.2ml of oil for All Linn bearings Except Cirkus the Cirkus requires 1.3ml

All other turntables fill as per manufactures recommendation...

Each bottle of oil contains enough to change your oil 3 times for the LP-12

Turntable lamp Vinyl Passion illuminati £35
Turntable Lamp, Vinyl Passion
Vinyl passion turntable lamp

This lamp is specialy designed for turntable use and will simply and securely clamp into any position

CE Approved 240v mains operated also runs from any USB socket  very low current Draw 

The lamp has been specially designed to not inter-fear electrical or magnetically with your turntable giving off no EMI or RFI

it can be set in close proximity to your platter making it very easy to see and read you records in low or even full light conditions and still iluminate your turntable to a very high standard this makes queing very simple and safe and making it easy to setup your cartidge acuratly

it also gives a wonderful soft glow to the whole room setting the mood for your music it has 2 brightness setting and offers superb value with 1.5 metre power lead..

A Must have accessory for the vinyl lover 

The Missing Link Range of Ultrapure ™ Power connectors 
2 Gang Silver plated Wall socket £38
Missing Link Silver wall socket
EPS-500 Sliver plated mains plug £18
Missing Link Silver mains plug
Vinyl Passion Turntable Platter Mat 295 x 3mm for all turntables £28
vinyl passion platter mat

New high quality Black Vinyl Passion Carbon Acrylic 3mm platter mat... 

We have managed to keep the thickness down to only 3mm while maintaining the perfect performance and resonance control by using a special type of Acrylic

This has the following benefits for your turntable

The Vinyl Passion Mat will replace most standard platter mats without the need to alter the tone arm VTA or suspension balance due to the weight being only 230 grams unlike like some of the thicker alternatives on the market this will; also give a superior impedance match to your vinyl giving a better overall sound and improved dynamics.  Polymer platter mats are advised by Vinyl Passion to be used in conjunction with our range of record care products and turntable upgrades due to the fact Polymer mats do not hold dust or debris as is often the case with other mat types that can contaminate your cherished vinyl 

Please note this page is still under construction. We will be adding more products in the near future please use the e bay link for our online shop
Stylus gauge
Record brush
Record cleaning machiens
Missing Link Connectors ™
Sorbothane isolation domes
if you wish to purchase any of these items in the meantime please call us direct on our contact number below or visit our E Bay shop
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