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About Us

Personalised Approach

Thank you for visiting our website and interest in our company and products. Mark and Jan have been involved in the professional music industry for over 30 years and are passionate enthusiasts of the recorded arts. They wish to share their experience and knowledge by offering a full range of audio equipment along with expert advice and a personal first class service. With over 30 years experience in sound engineering, physics, electronics and material science, Mark is a Design Specialist producing the very finest handmade audio leads and award winning turntables along with accessories and upgrades. The Missing Link family of Interconnects and the Vinyl Passion ranges were born out of Mark’s enthusiastic interest for the recorded arts. Mark and Jan’s designs are made to exacting standards of excellence that have received many design awards over the years. This expertise offers you, the customer, a unique standard of knowledge and service backed by a genuine passion for the music and direct sales from the manufacturer that offers unbeatable value.

Missing Link Cables


Genesis. From the creation of the conductor to the finished product; every part of cable production is undertaken by The Missing Link. We are the only UK Hi Fi cable company to control the complete manufacturing process. This includes the selection of silver for the specific chemical fingerprint most suitable for audio application. Unique treatment processes have been developed through over 10 years of research programmes into the metallurgy and chemistry of pure silver, resulting in the ‘Ultrapure Silver’ plating process developed for use on all of our connectors. The quietest connectors in the world! Not just a claim, but a fact backed by electrical measurement. Strict electrical measuring allows our handcrafted cables to be of a superior quality to mass-produced cables.

the missing link cryo reference, hi end audio cable
audio specialist
Audio Consultancy

From consultation to professional installation we offer a carefully selected range of specialist, high quality and unique audio equipment from what we believe to be the finest products at their given price point. We take great care of your requirements and pride ourselves on expert knowledge of good system synergy and an understanding of room acoustics that enables us to give you the very best advice in choosing the correct equipment to match your budget and hopefully exceed your expectations. This means you can benefit from our many years of devoted research through listening to the equipment we use, demonstrate and supply. We hope you enjoy our website and find our approach both enlightening and refreshing. We welcome any queries and comments for improving our information and services and you are always most welcome to book an appointment to visit The Vinyl Passion Music Room. Our warmest regards to you all.

Vinyl Passion Turntables


We design some of the finest turntables, accessories and upgrades available, specialising in upgrades and spares for Linn LP-12 and Thorens turntables. These are made from the finest aerospace grade materials available, allowing the LP-12 to produce the best quality performance possible, all in a wide range of unique and custom finishes tailored to suit you requirements. Our specialist plinths are available in a wide variety of exotic hard woods from our Master Craftsman. We also design and manufacture our own range of turntables with options to suit your budget, called the VP-12 which is based on the excellent Linn LP-12 main bearing; a must hear for all Vinyl fans!

Your ears will tell you all you need to know; it is all about the music!
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