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A range of hand-made award winning Tone Arm cables & Head-shell leads. Designed & manufactured by The Missing Link using our Ultrapure™ Pure Silver & Ultrapure™ Silverplating system. For a truly musical experience.
We now accept part exchange Hi Fi equipment against our Audio cables
Revelation AG Tone arm cable

Revelation AG Fitted with 5 pin Din & Missing Link Reference RCA connectors as standard. This is also available in our popular DIY kit form from £120. Custom lengths & optional Terminations available to order. Using our Ultrapure™ Silver plated conductors, this represents outstanding value in ‘sound for pound’ and should not be under-estimated, This is a World Class cable offering a wonderful new level of insight into your music over the majority of Aftermarket arm cables on sale.

Missing Link Revelation tone arm cable

0.5 meter stereo interconnect starts at £195

Add £35 per additional half metre.

1.2 metre stereo interconnect starts at £230

add £35 per additional half meter

1.2 meter stereo interconnect Kit starts at £120, add £35 per additional half metre

Optional upgrades

Add £35 for Eichmann bullets.

+ £70 for Eichmann Silver bullet

+ £35 for angled SME Tone arm connector

Please note this cable in not available balanced.

Log-Rhythm Tone arm cable

High performance Interconnect specially designed to get the very best from your cherished vinyl. It is a substantial upgrade for all tone arms. Available with angled or straight 5 pin arm termination and metal bodied Eichmann bullets as standard with custom lengths/terminations to suit your requirements. This cable is designed to offer the delicate signal from your phono cartridge the very least intrusive path possible using our Cryotone™ Cryogenic treatment process & Ultrapure™ Pure Silver conductors.

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0.5 metre stereo single ended interconnect starts at £395

1.2 metre stereo single ended interconnect starts at £575

Add £150 per additional half metre

Optional upgrades

Silver Bullets add £70


0.5 metre stereo Balanced XLR interconnect starts at £495,

1.2 metre stereo Balanced XLR interconnect starts at £695

Add £195 per additional half metre.

Passion Signature Tone arm cable

As with all Passion Signature cables, this is simply the finest cable we can create from the best materials available. It is an intense development of our very successful original design the Log Rhythm (an excellent design in its own right) and is very special indeed for those who demand the ultimate in sound reproduction, Our special Ultrapure™ Silver conductors are at the heart of this no-compromise design, the result of many years of research into the metallurgy and chemistry of Silver and last but not least our Cryotone™ Cryogenic & heat treatment process. This statement cable using twice as many Pure Silver Conductors as the Log-Rhythm will truly reveal the very best from quality partnering equipment to realise its whole potential… if you are in this fortunate position and a serious vinyl enthusiast it will represent a great investment in your future enjoyment of the recorded arts on Vinyl with custom lengths/terminations available to suit any requirements. Your ears will tell you all you need to know, this design was created to offer the passionate music lover the very best product available.

Missing link passion signature, pure silver tone arm cable, the best hi fi cable in the world

0.5metre stereo single ended interconnect starts at £635

1.2 metre stereo single-ended interconnect starts at £995

Add £290 per half metre.

No extra cost for Balanced XLR termination

Passion Signature
Ultrapure ™ Pure Silver
 Cartidge Leads
Pure silver vinyl pasion cartidge leads

Solid core Ultrapure ™ Cartridge leads with Silver tags suitable for many tone arms & quality head-shells, this is a superb upgrade for those who demand the best.

SME VDH head shell wires have 1468 milliohm resistance Passion Signature head shell leads have 438 milliohm and are made from our 0.5mm solid core pure Silver wire,

This adds considerable preservation to the delicate signal and offers a superb upgrade for only £149.00

Free fitting at our premises if required and a free option for all SME tone arms purchased from The Vinyl Passion

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