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Demo welcome All Equipment can be customised or upgraded to suit your requirements

All PX equipment sold by Vinyl Passion is carefully inspected and serviced prior to listing.
We are happy to demonstrate any items for your listening pleasure and evaluation.
Part exchange is always welcome.
We often Have a wide range of second hand tone arms cartridges ex dem cables & Linn turntable Spares call for the latest bargains

Special build  Linn LP 12 refurbished fitted with new revolution new Origin Live Onyx Tone arm VP-1 Arm board upgrade  fitted with a new Hana SL Mc cartridge one of a kind Blue Orpheus top plate and matching Platter Bargain price £2595.00p


This Needs Little introduction Audion Sliver Night 20th Anniversary Limited edition one careful owner less than 6 months old this is a 300b stereo power amplifier with 7W power output it is also fitted with a volume control so ideal with a good valve phoneo stage suitable for loudspeakers with 90+db efficiency this is a bargain price @ £2495.00p

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