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All PX equipment sold by Vinyl Passion is carefully inspected and serviced prior to listing.
We are happy to demonstrate any items for your listening pleasure and evaluation.
Part exchange is always welcome.

Removed From Studio In excellent condition full re-valve with NOS Mullard PL 509s and recap full spare set available if required

Rated at a conservative 100 watts per mono it is easy to hear why this Classic amplifier is still produced today under the badge of the 509 the 519 was an early Studio Variant with 19" Rackmount facia and is very rare and collectable with only very limited numbers ever being hand built possibly the best pair anywhere don't miss out £3500

Part Exchange Dem welcome


Linn DC Power supply for sale

Latest DC Mober power supply for the Linn LP-12 RRP £995 - £495 Full kit including Vinyl passion Orpheus top plate without hole cutout to keep things neat + Centripede drive wheel upgrade  RRP £225-£100  to equal belt force  fitting and service £172 if required happy to post


stelth 2019.jpg


Unique Stealth Black finish Linn LP12  Fitted with Akito tonearm & Asak MC Cartridge.

Turntable Rebuilt, with all new electronics, ready for sale.

New Orpheus top plate in silk black

New Airpax motor.

New Mose of board 2 speed supply

new belt

one of a kind custom LP-12

12 month warranty included.

This is a unique as new black Custom LP-12

New Lid

Demo & px welcome ready to use £2200.  This can also be customized or upgraded to suit your personal requirements. 


 Quad Z3 Loudspeakers piano black lacquer finish as new Boxed paperwork and white gloves un opened RRP £2500 Save £899 £1600

Dem px welcome


For sale on behalf of a customer



Esoteric C-03 Preamplifier,

One of the best 10 Preamps in the world, according to 6 moons and other reviews. Unmarked UK official supplied

Mint and Boxed. £4600.



Line Magnetic 210iA 300B Valve Amplifier.

UK 230/240v, a tube rollers delight. It is an Integrated Amp, a Power Amp or a Preamp.

247B or 5U4G Valve regulated, 310a and 12ax7 valve compliment. 300B 9WPC.

Mint and boxed £3750.


Elekit 8600 300B Amplifier

12AU7 and 12AX7 preamp section. Professionally assembled, terrific reviews not least Herb Reichart Stereophile Feb 2019. It can be used as an Integrated, a power amp or a terrific Headphone Amplifier. Upgraded to Takman Resistors, Mundorf Capacitors, and TKD-ON Volume control.

Limited use Boxed and Mint £1850.




Ex Dem Audio Technica ART-1000

This will be available very soon as it is now nearly 3 years old and currently has a timed 27 hours meaning it has at least 973 hours before rebuild time and if looked after properly with our stylus cleaner it will last considerably longer we are an official excellence retailer and the cartridge comes with a lifetime rebuild program that costs just £1600 this is the finest cartridge we have ever heard it is ofc being replaced with another ART-1000

EX Dem with presentation box £3950

Dem px welcome


RRP : £4,450 inc VAT 


Part exchange MHZS CD88H up sampling Valve CD player I have used this for 12 months personalty and really enjoyed listening to it

to my ear it is one of the most Analog sounding CD players i have encountered i have also just replaced all of the valves with quality items it is in excellent condition very heavy remote control with digital out and also single ended RCA and a balanced output stage this is a genuine high end sound and a bargain at  £495

px dem welcome


Our EX Dem SME 309 V after 15 years sadly we are no longer SME dealers due to unreasonable requests from there new distributors..

This is the latest spec V making it outstanding Value @ £2500  px dem welcome currently fitted to our model 10  this can be fitted to your turntable and setup to our usual high standards if required there will be a w8 on deposit as it will be sent back to SME For a full service and rebuild ready for its new owner this is included in the price  and will be supplied with receipt and a new syringe of silicone fluid in original packing

SME 309


Our EX Dem SME 309 now sold


 Kralk Audio are Launching A New range of speakers as such we have several pairs of superb hand built ex dem Kralk Audio loudspeakers for sale we are happy to dem they are bargains even at full price and this is a golden opportunity to grab one of the finest speakers on the market contact Kralk Audio today for details

Origin Live Calssic


Just in part exchange Origin Live Classic turntable in unmarked condition this has been completely rebuilt as new fitted with an excellent Rega tone arm and a new Ortofon  moving magnet cartridge & Origin Live 2 speed supply with 12 months warranty this is a bargain at £995 px dem welcome this can be fitted with a different cartridge or arm to suit your preference please contact us with any requirements we will be happy to assist


Technics 900S Power & matching SU-800 Preamplifier £400

Here we Have an original 900s power amplifier and matching SU-C800 Preamplifier with tec link preamplifier has cosmetic marks to the top case has upgraded input sockets and Sorbothane isolation feet power amplifier has upgraded binding posts reservoir capacitors and isolation feet 900s £300 SU-800 or £200 £400 for the pair with Link. we also have a second 900s power amplifier with a small amount of cosmetic damage to the front but in perfect working order with Jan Lewinski upgrades for a bargain £250... OR Both power amplifiers and pre amplified for £600

Part ex dem welcome

Nakamichi ZXE 700 The finest tape deck ever produced extremely rare Genuine UK 240V Model in outstanding condition £2495 dem welcome
Here we have 3 of the best FM Tuners built for you to choose from including the
Pioneer F-91 Hitachi FT5500 MKII / Denon TU800L  all are tested we are asking for a very reasonable £180 each 
Technics SB M-01 Micro speakers very rare and sought after dem welcome £200
RRP £1200
Much much more to come we are listing as fast as we can clean and test the equipment please call for more info
Pro Studio Equipment

H&H 500W Slave V 500 EX BBC Cambridge £400
19" rack on casters in wood listed £70
19" BBC flight case  originally for H&H 500  £70


Demo welcome All Equipment can be customised or upgraded to suit your requirements